Why Easy-Going Girls Are Attractive To Guys

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So you’ve used your free love spell, but you sense the effects of it are fading. Maybe it’s not the spell itself that’s wearing off, maybe you’re actively chipping away at it by being the exact opposite of what guys find attractive.

Ask yourself this, “Am I an optimistic person?”

If you answer no, you now know what you’re doing to drive men away. Nobody of any gender likes being around a sourpuss. There’s little worse than someone who finds fault in every single thing or somebody who worries about every little detail as though they were life changing events.

free love spell

Girls who go with the flow, see the good side in things and try to change bad situations instead of complaining about them are obviously more attractive to men than women who keep complaining but do nothing to change their circumstances.

Men are born with the desire to take care of the woman in their life. If their woman is happy, well-cared for and grateful they’re ecstatic. But when they woman in their life complains about everything it makes them feel like they’ve failed to make her happy, which in turn makes them feel less like men. Eventually, they’ll give up trying to save you. Men like doing things for the woman they love, but only if that woman is grateful and also trying to fix things.

Besides that, men know that easy-going girls are just more fun in general. A damsel in distress might be a fun rush every now and again, but most men would rather spend a lifetime with someone who makes them laugh and who makes them happy. So, don’t waste your free love spell by being a sourpuss. Work on being an easy-going girl instead.