Getting Your Business Listed in the Phone Directory

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In the past, getting your business listed in page jaune was really easy. All you had to do was sign up for a business telephone through your local telephone company, choose a category describing your business and you would be listed in the next publication of the phone book- no further questions asked. These days, there are so many more options and decisions that must be made regarding how to list your business.

First of all, place a listing online. These days, online searches increase in popularity each year. More and more often, people are looking online for solutions to their needs- especially when it’s not a critical need and don’t necessarily need a local business. On the other hand, when people are in a major hurry and they need something local, they pick up a copy of the telephone book.

In addition to placing your listing in your local directories, consider placing it in a regional listing as well. This will allow you to cast a much wider net and increase your customer base.

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You can reach out to specific groups through directories that are specialized such as those in Asian, Hispanic, or African American groups. Some of the other potential niches include directories at universities, directories specifically geared towards women, and directories in the Christian communities. If you have a business that targets other businesses, consider looking into a business-to-business directory.

If your business provides products and/or services that are offered by national distributors or manufacturers, you may want to consider a co-op advertising type of situation. You can speak with a representative with the telephone book company for any opportunities.

Keep in mind that advertising in the page jaune is going to cost you some money- so if you want to save money, you might want to consider utilizing online listings. You can contact the telephone book company for more information.